Dashboards and reports for Software Development analytics

As entry level service we provide a complete analysis and visualization of software development projects and their communities on a web-based user interface (Grimoire Dashboard) and/or on detailed reports (even on csv, PDF, etc. formats).

They present an up to date, high level, quantitative panoramic view; includes specific metrics for tracking key performance aspects; and show details of who and how is contributing to the project. The dashboard and reports panels show summary, aggregated and evolutionary data, statistical analysis, faceted views, etc.

Supported data sources

The information is mined from development or community repositories. We provide hooks for the most used development services in the Open Source ecosystem:

From Source Code Management (versioning and reviewing) systems
GitGithubMercurialBaazarSubversionConcurrent Versions System (CVS)Gerrit
On the roadmap: Phabricator, GitLab, etc.
From Issue Tracking Systems (ITS)
BugzillaGithubJiraRedmineApache Allura (TM)Launchpad
On the roadmap: Phabricator, Taiga, etc.
From mailing lists, forums, discussions and documentation systems
MailmanGmaneAskbotInternet Relay Chats (IRC)MediaWiki
On the roadmap: StackOverflow, Discourse, Meetup, etc.

The tools used are Free, Libre, Open Source Software, so you can join the Metrics Grimoire community!


Subscription program ensures that the information and the functionality are always up to date. Dashboards under subscription will also be continuously reconfigured to be udated to small changes such as new identities or affiliations for developers, or new repositories and subprojects.

Periodic bug fixing and upgrade to new versions of the software with new functionality, charts and metrics is also included on the subscription program.

Custom metrics and development

Analysis services consisting of quantitative studies, and detailed reports based on the data shown in the dashboard, highlight of key performance issues and problems, benchmarking between projects, identification of good/bad practices and bad smells and other custom analytics are part of the extra services we can provide.

Customized development to add new kind of repositories, specific customization or new functionalities is also possible to be done as part of development services we do.

For more details on these and other related services, contact us.